Hi! I’m Manny and I’m an addict. I’m also the founder of Foreel Recovery and I’m honored to announce the release of my book, “From Revolution 2 Revelations,“ this February. I dedicated this book to my family, the great man that helped me in my recovery, and Pastor Dan West who encouraged me to write 10 years ago when we first met. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, picking me up to volunteer at his food pantry program and buying me art supplies so I would stay busy when I wasn’t volunteering.

This book is about the past 10 years of my life. It started at a very dark moment in my life when I had hit an unbearable bottom after having lost everything and now carrying shame and guilt as if they were a backpack. Some of these writings I put together while in detoxes, state-run rehabs, and sober living. At the time, I was jobless with no money and no way to get around other than buses or my bicycle. I say this because so many of us in early recovery face this challenge and it is challenging! One thing I’ve learned about my early days in recovery is that they were the building blocks for me to become who I am today. I embraced my struggle with faith and God, understanding this would be a process. It was similar to the game “Connect The Dots” and if I wanted to see the big picture, I needed to be still, and trust the process instead of doing things my way.

This month on the 16th, I celebrated 7 years clean and in those 7 years I have adjusted and learned to push myself every day to find growth, spiritually, and a positive mentality. That meant I had to get really uncomfortable and go after what many thought would be impossible for a once hopeless addict like myself.

This book will explain my trials in early recovery including my deepest thoughts expressed through poetry and art, as these were my only two means of expression before I could speak and raise my hand at a meeting.

I wanted this book to be easy to understand for anyone. I wanted the teen that is struggling to understand my art. Teens have a tendency to learn visually before they are ready to listen or read. I wanted the addict struggling, whether in treatment or still in active addiction, to be able to find his own way to HOPE. I want the parents holding on to not give up. I want a society with a stigma against Substance Abuse Disorder to know that we do recover and can become everything beyond our expectations. I get asked at every anniversary, “How do you do it?” This is a formality used in 12 steps meetings when an individual celebrates another year clean, and this year I will deviate from the traditional, and say, “I LET MY DREAMS BE BIGGER THAN MY FEARS “. I no longer carry that backpack full of guilt I mentioned earlier.

Becoming a Published Author was a dream like the ones so many of you all have, farfetched for a long time, and my only story for many years was prisons, rehabs, losses, and failure, but it is those things that have made me the story I’ve written. Except now I have an epic ending, one of champions and achievers. I hope to hear from you and don’t forget to tell me what you think of the book, and more than anything I hope it can help somebody change their life and find purpose as I have. In my opinion, those suffering from the disease of addiction should utilize the basics of any 12 step program. These steps are fundamental and this is where I built my foundation. I think a time will come for us to have to find a more meaningful way to live, with our calling and gifts that were robbed from us once we crossed that threshold into our disease. So many of us become average in our lives and recovery, feeling complacent and still clean. Working in treatment at a facility that understood my vision, and knowing that if it worked for me it could work for others, has been the highlight of my journey and brought me to where I am at today.

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So many of us are creative and traditional treatment might be okay for some, but this generation is not average! Using that creativity with the 12 steps can be just the thing that can give us an extra edge.
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