“Never underestimate the healing power of hope.”- Manny Mendez

For the second year in a row, the Foreel Recovery team was invited to the FedUp rally to fight the opioid epidemic. This year’s twist was that FedUp displayed an Art Exhibit and featured films and documentaries about addiction and the effects and influence Big Pharma had on this epidemic. Manny Mendez, CEO of Foreel Recovery, was honored to be featured in both events as an artist and film maker and when asked to speak about his projects he made sure to give thanks to those great folks God placed in his life at a moment when he didn’t think he would make it. Some of those folks were present with him at the rally including Mark Sanchez, Isaac Rivera, and Dago Blanco. All of these men have multiple years of recovery and are seasoned vets at building dreams.

Manny expressed in one of his speeches that while it was an honor to be there, he wishes this event wouldn’t have to take place, and that it saddens him how we must go through tragedies like loosing a loved one in order to find a purpose. He met many mothers with tears in their eyes and he was able to hug them. Those moments are the reason he paints, creates films, and continues to stay clean. As a son of one of those mothers, he knows the pains we put them through. The pain these grieving mothers are going through is irreversible. Their only hope is to prevent other parents from experiencing this type of tragedy. They are now warriors and fighting for a cause that’s affected so many families. The Foreel team’s objective was not only to display Manny’s art but to share their stories throughout the East Coast at multiple treatment centers.

They even spoke at a skate park in Pennsylvania, but the highlight of the year was speaking at Self Help Movement, a treatment center in Pennsylvania. From the minute they walked in they felt that this was a place where those who come from entitlement do not go. It was a state-run program for men and these men all shared their stories, listening with eyes glued on the Foreel team! Pain and hopelessness in them was turned into hope and possibilities. They could relate! Manny and his team left recharged as they talked, reflected and remembered their own journeys to get to where they are now. Foreel hopes to continue this tradition that bonds them and allows them to offer hope to those who think they can’t turn their life around. Foreel wants to extend a big thank you to all the sponsors who supported them on this tour, the Mothers who thanked them for what they are doing and the FedUp organization, their staff, and volunteers for their dedication to bringing change, and resources to help those already affected.
Remember…you don’t have to do it alone. For more resources and help with substance abuse disorder contact Manny Mendez at 561-889-7230 or visit www.allaboutrecoveryinc.com

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