From Revolution 2 Revelations

While everybody’s journey is different, I am blessed to have been able to adjust mine and turn it into a purpose, from seeing the depths of hell, having spent over 15 years in institutions and prisons to overcoming addiction. Today I am a witness that Recovery and God were my solution, along with art! But it wasn’t about painting a pretty picture, I needed to design a new LIFE and that’s the MIRACLE I DID!

About the Author

Manny Mendez is a self-taught¬†visual artist, who learned he had this gift while in prison at a¬†young age, because of an addiction problem. Today he has 7 yrs clean, and sober, he is the CEO of an organization FoReel Recovery, and his creativity has allowed him to write poetry. Expressing his art, he’s also produced 6 inspirational documentaries and continues to help others while working in the treatment field wearing many hats, but his favorite is helping others find their purpose along with Recovery.