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Our goal is to raise Awareness and help folks get treatment through our numerous Art events.
Our presentations are 120 to 160 minutes with art, testimony, and a Film Festival nomination documentary produced by us.

Bringing Awareness to our Community and Beyond

Real Life Goals

Our mission is to educate our people on the disease concept so they fully understand that alcohol and drugs are just symptoms of a much bigger problem. That lack of manageability will always manifest and will permeate every aspect of their lives until they face the truth. It is our belief that recovery for the individual needs to be grounded in rooting out the core issues, rather than just placing a band aid on, by dealing with the symptoms.

Connecting Art and Recovery

Our True Passion

Our goal is to not only help individuals achieve long term recovery and fulfill their dream, but to also find purpose in life. We have found that our approach to help overcome addiction has been successful by utilizing the creative mind through art in all of its many aspects.



The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.


We inspire the desire of recovery through
art and finding the purpose of life

We here at, “Foreel recovery”, believe addiction to be a disease of the mind, body and spirit. Those who have participated in the art-based activities have been given an opportunity to reconnect with the valuable inner resource of their own creativity. Through expressing themselves through art they can understanding the nature of their pain and can obtain the ability to heal and recover.

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Our Latest Accomplishments

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L-DUB Lake Worth Film Festival
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Children Stories
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Sober Life
January 22, 2019

“From Revolution 2 Revelations” coming in February 2019

Hi! I’m Manny and I’m an addict. I’m also the founder of Foreel Recovery and I’m honored to announce the release of my book, “From Revolution 2 Revelations,“ this February….

DreamsSober Life
November 5, 2018

Goals in Recovery

Hey recovery family, I’m Manny Mendez CEO of Foreel, but prior to that, I was a hopeless addict, destined to live a life of jails, institutions or even death. So…

October 14, 2018

Foreel Recovery Takes on the Art for Hope Tour 2018

“Never underestimate the healing power of hope.”- Manny Mendez For the second year in a row, the Foreel Recovery team was invited to the FedUp rally to fight the opioid…

Manny Mendez / Founder

Clean and Sober since Jan 16-2012


Manny Mendez did an almost impossible feat early in his recovery, with 6 months clean and Art at his side he decided to do his first film, a mans documentary about overcoming addiction and struggles, no prior experience, funding, and still sleeping in his Moms couch he felt a calling to take his artistic and creative side to a higher level, and FOREEL was born.

He went on to produced 4 more films about addiction and recovery all while still working on his art and keeping full time jobs in the treatment, he learned a valuable lesson doing his first film, that was where there is a will there is a way, encountering many obstacles and rejection he did not get discouraged, he has since been nominated to 5 film festivals, won best Community Service Award for his last film The Art Of Recovery in his hometown Lake Worth L-DUB Film Festival, He is currently working on his own Film Festival / Art Exhibit July -2017 which has brought him back to his roots in early recovery in doing things that seemed impossible for some of us.

Manny continues to be involved in the recovering community using his art, film , and his story to bring awareness, 3 years ago alongside of a friend in early recovery and photographer they started The Art Of Recovery Art Exhibit, and offered artists in recovery a 2 day event to showcase their talent, a film was born there with many other dreams that continue to blossom.

Manny hopes to continue to encourage others, understanding addiction and having overcome it through his art, and supports, he can only hope to pass that on to others.

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Mark Sanchez / Co Founder

Clean and Sober since 10-10-2010


Mark Sanchez, a New York native, is Manny’s spiritual Brother, the two met at a meeting and Mark had his daughter there with him. Manny immediately looked up to him, since his daughter was not in his life. Their daughters are now best friends.

Marks recovery is what they call old school, not privileged, he used state resources to find himself a halfway house that would give him an opportunity at restoring his life after loosing everything, and he ran with that opportunity, reaching out to a 12 step fellowship. He showed up to meetings, worked 2 jobs, and got involved in service work.

Mark continues to be a Recovery Advocate and is now being featured in Foreel 5th inspirational film “Rise To Recovery 300” a film about Outreach premiering July 8 2017 at The Art Of Recovery Film Festival. Mark only wishes that others can see the beauty of Recovery and the gifts it has to given him.

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